Bridging the gap between sensor control/management with business rules at the edge connecting the cloud all together as one for any vertical market.

  • Here at IOT ECOSYSTEM® we engage our clients to help them  find solutions from end to end (Sensors to Enterprise data analytics), development though R&D, Proof Of concepts.
  • We have been developing Connected IOT Enabled products for over 20 years from
    • Fleet Management, recording all sensors on the truck, geo location, accident, theft with a mesh network develop in-house using low power RX/TX radio devices over 20 years ago.
    • Beacons that are synced in the Ocean to warn shipping vessels using AM wireless technology for the distance.
  • Just some of the use cases for the IOT world today are
    • Smart Cities
    • Smart Environment
    • Smart Water
    • Smart Metering
    • Security & Emergencies
    • eHealth, Retail
    • Logistics
    • Industrial Control
    • Smart Agriculture
    • Smart Animal Farming
    • Domestic & Home Automation.
  • Just some of the products we are working on are.
    • Our flagship product is an IOTServer the size of a deck of playing cards.
    • The Child Guardian: Saving children’s lives using IOT Wearable devices.
    • Preventing sexual assault before you become a victim on Collage Campus, military bases
    • Small footprint security encryption framework for sensors with low resources.
    • Retail coupons in realtime, learning about ones shopping habits where, when, how and forward relevant information.
    • Agriculture, monitoring the soil, humidity and controlling the environment so you can archive maximum crops and manage water usage.
    • Working with medical to monitor and control medical equipment so doctors can remotely receive information, diagnosis in real time and then update the medical equipment.
    • Saving lives in Oil & Gas, using heat index to notify management in real time to adjust the actions of the workers in the field.
    • These are just some of the product lines and more.
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